Creative Promotions: La Salle’s Scavenger Hunt

This post is part of a series for our customers on easy ways to promote your app.

Searching for ways to promote your app? La Salle University recently used a wonderfully creative “scavenger hunt” to help promote their “crib sheet” app.

The goal

Get La Salle young alumni to download and explore the app.

The idea

Offer a drawing to win an iPad 2 to La Salle 2011 grads. To enter, they needed to download the app and fill out a “scavenger hunt” form (on questions about our life skills topic content) prior to graduation.

How they did it

La Salle promoted the scavenger hunt with e-mail blasts, flyers around campus and advertising at Senior events. Students were instructed to download the app and look for the “Scavenger Hunt” feedback form in their news feed.

Via the Dashboard, they added this Feature:

When users tapped on this Feature, they are taken to the feedback form they created for the scavenger hunt:

This form asked users to read through various topics to find answers (and hopefully learn a bit on credit, home buying, and more along the way).


La Salle had over 50 feedback form responses, but more importantly their downloads grew to roughly the size of their graduating class.


Use events like graduation and homecoming to rally your alumni/members around a creative incentive to get and use your app.

If you don’t have the funds for a large prize, consider using smaller gift cards for local restaurants or tickets to an upcoming campus event.

Keep your feedback form to 3-5 questions, so the incentive matches the work required.

And most of all, like La Salle, keep those creative juices flowing on how to get the word out about your app!

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