Promoting Your App: Monthly Social Media Posts

This post is part of a series for our customers on easy ways to promote your app.

It’s a simple equation – the more you tell your alumni and members about your app, the more will download and use it.

We’re seeing high download statistics from customers who make monthly posts via their existing social media about their app. Plus, this type of promotion is free.

To make your job easy, we’ve put together sample posts for every month of the year (see below). Just copy, paste and substitute your institution’s name and smart link.

Remember to include your “smart link” in your announcement – it recognizes the kind of device it is clicked on from, and directs your users to the easiest way to download.

For example, Michigan State University’s smart link is:  If you are not sure what your smart link is, e-mail

Happy posting!

Ring 201X with [YOUR NAME]’s alumni app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or desktop:[USERNAME]

Happy Valentine’s! If Cupid found his mark, read about engagement rings in our mobile alumni app:[USERNAME]

Dreading tax time? Get tips on taxes, and the latest [YOUR NAME] news, in our free alumni app:[USERNAME]

It’s National Financial Literacy Month! Learn about credit and investing in our free alumni app:[USERNAME]

Congrats, Class of 201X, on joining the ranks of [YOUR NAME] alumni! Download our alumni app today:[USERNAME]

Relocating? Get helpful hints on moving, and follow your new local alumni club news, in our alumni app:[USERNAME]

Happy 4th! Before you light those fireworks, brush up on health insurance choices in our alumni app:[USERNAME]

Heat got you down? Refresh with the latest [YOUR NAME] news through our cool mobile app for alumni:[USERNAME]

It’s Labor Day! Use the day off to brush up on Work Etiquette with our alumni app:[USERNAME]

Get the latest on Homecoming with our alumni app on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or desktop:[USERNAME]

Want a super stylish” I Voted” sticker? Get voting tips, and [YOUR NAME] news, in our alumni app:[USERNAME]

Happy Holidays from [YOUR NAME]! Enjoy a gift from us all year with our free alumni app:[USERNAME]

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