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Pi Beta Phi

Customer Testimonial

"Cap & Compass has designed a beautiful app for Pi Beta Phi Foundation. We have received consistent praise from our membership on how the app is user-friendly, informative and a great tool for staying connected with the organization. Cap & Compass has not only built a solid product, but their service is top notch too."

Teri Chadwick, CFRE
Executive Director, Pi Beta Phi Foundation


User Testimonial

"Just graduated and received your book at our senior wine and cheese party. The book went, of course, straight into the bathroom when I got it - where all notable literature in our place goes. I'm constantly amazed at the number of people who walk out of the can remarking, 'Wow. So that's what a subsidized loan meant.' Thanks for a great read and good laugh."

- Emma

MSU Alumni

Customer Testimonial

"Crib Sheet (the app from Cap & Compass) is an excellent tool for engagement with our worldwide Spartan Nation. It has been well received as a useful tool to keep in contact with the University and has a strong following among our important young alumni demographic. The app continues to get better and better with each new iteration."

- Scott Westerman
Executive Director, Michigan State University Alumni Association