“We’d like to know more about Cap & Compass.”

Since 2001, Cap & Compass has earned the business of hundreds of colleges, companies and membership-based organizations. Our customers have a common mission to educate and a common desire to connect to their alumni, employees or members.

The company was founded by two Duke University graduates, who recognized a gap between the subjects learned in the classroom and the challenges faced in the real world.

After figuring out how to explain boring topics (like health insurance and taxes) in an fun way, we created the book, The Graduate's Almanac.

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Cap & Compass
527 Homestead St
Lafayette, CO 80026

Meet Us

Jesse started Cap & Compass in 2001
after a few years on Wall Street.

He has two kids, one wife, one company
and an inconsistent table tennis forehand.

Jesse is a proud graduate of Duke
University (go Marty Clark and tent #3).

Lindsey started in 2021 and is your main point of contact for orders.

She loves photography, the outdoors, and The Graduate’s Almanac. 😉

Lindsey has one husband, one (adorable) baby, and one dog that is bigger than she is.

Nicole writes for the company.

She's a big fan of cupcakes.

She is a graduate of Yale University, and is happily married with two awesome children and a loveable bulldog.