Our Team

I’m lucky to work with a talented group of people who love what they do. Let me do some introductions.

This is my crack sales team. They’re happy to answer your questions if you’re happy to take their cold calls.

Shelly, Jack, and Kyle

I use a talented team of designers/developers to help build “crib sheet,” our mobile app.

Billy, Mark, Michael, Justin, and Jordan

In case you’re wondering, they didn’t pose for this picture. They have such a sharp eye for design and symmetry that the spacing between their bodies is equidistant throughout the day.

Last, but certainly not least, I convinced my wife, Nicole, to do marketing work for me on a part-time basis in January 2010. Is it a coincidence that our blog started in January 2010?


I like to say that she had the longest job interview in the history of job interviews (almost fifteen years) and I’m lucky to borrow her brain.

And this is me:


I love my work, because it’s not a job. Plus, I have a view of a retention pond outside my window with lots of turtles.

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