Welcome to Our Blog

Hi. My name is Jesse Vickey and I’m the founder and president of Cap & Compass.

I like to tell people that I have three children: Elle (age 6), Beck (age 1), and my company. If you’ve ever started or run your own business, you understand.

Elle Working with Dad (2004)

I’ve never been one to post status updates or share much about myself online, but after ten years running Cap & Compass, I’ve decided to start a company blog. Here’s why.

#1. Learn About Us

Personally, I need to learn a little bit about a company before I open my wallet. I think you should too.

#2. Learn About Stuff

My team and I have worked with a lot of customers who are looking for creative ways to build loyalty with their alumni, members, or whomever. We’ve learned a lot and we’d like to share.

Thanks for reading.

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