’20-’21 updates: A New Book and eBook

We have exciting news for the new school year!


After 19 years of guiding graduates, we’re retiring life after school. explained. and are proud to announce our brand new book, The Graduate’s Almanac, with lots of updates.

  • New topics. In addition to updating our popular topics, we’ve added topics on health, setting up Wi-Fi, auto care, LGBTQ issues, home fixes, food safety, being nice, cleaning your place (with how-to’s and a schedule!), and much more. There’s even a new section on navigating remote work, addressing both the current pandemic and the trend in recent years whereby more employers are engaging remote workers.
  • Humor. Graduates love the humor we add to otherwise dry content (e.g., HMOs, taxes, investing, etc.), and they’ll find our new jokes to be thoughtful, warm, and up on current popular culture.
  • Inclusiveness. Our anecdotes are designed to be inclusive across a wide range of gender identities, income levels, and more.
  • Design. The book is newly designed with a fresh layout, organization, and illustrations.


We’re keenly aware of your challenges and your desire to help your students during COVID. We have come up with two additional ways to help you connect with your new graduates that may prove especially useful during this challenging school year.

For the 2020–2021 school year only, you can purchase an online license to our eBook for roughly 50% off our physical book cost as a lower-cost alternative.

We look forward to helping you build affinity with your graduates and help them with the practical life skills they’ll need after school.