The Birth of our Book

As I mentioned in a previous post, Cap & Compass started as a seminar company. Here’s one of our very first high-quality promotional pieces:

Duke University seminar (2001)

Our client schools liked the seminars, but they wanted something that could reach ALL of their graduates. So, the content from our seminars grew into our popular book, “life after school. explained.


At first, I only gave schools the ability to customize the cover with a few lines of text. The gold star on the cover was my groovy idea. I’ve since learned the value of a graphic designer.

First book cover design (2001)

In 2005, Dartmouth College wanted to buy the book for their seniors, but they wanted to customize the book on their own. I begrudgingly said ok, and they used a big photo:

Dartmouth College cover (2005)

It looked fantastic. I learned to get out of my own way, and let my customers brand the book.

Here are some more examples of customized covers over the years…

Syracuse University cover

Procter & Gamble cover

Alpha Sigma Alpha cover

So I started marketing the book with a host of customization options, including inside covers and 8 page custom text inserts. Sales took off.

To date, some 500,000 of our books have been given out at graduations, senior picnics; and as corporate welcome gifts to recruits, interns and new hires.

Our book at St. John's University graduation

Today, many of our college and corporate buyers were recipients of the book when they graduated from college.

Our customers recognize that our book is more than just a gift. It’s a way of providing value to graduates in their post-college journey. And when you provide value, you build loyalty.

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