Building Relationships Through Education

Is education part of your organization’s higher purpose or brand? If so, keep your educational mission front and center with your “customers” (alumni, employees, members, etc.)

Why? A good article in the Harvard Business Review describes what customers want:

Many brands have a demonstrable higher purpose baked into their missions… These feel authentic to consumers, and so provide a credible basis for shared values and relationship-building. To build relationships, start by clearly communicating your brand’s philosophy or higher purpose.

Disney is one example of an organization which does a great job communicating their higher purpose. In the words of Walt himself, “My business is making people, especially children, happy.”

I live in Orlando, which means I talk to a lot of repeat visitors of Disney. They don’t come back for Space Mountain or Mickey-shaped ice cream. Instead, they wax on about the magic and happiness they see in their children’s eyes.

If your perceived value doesn’t extend beyond the time your “customers” spend with you, your relationships will be fleeting. If you brand your value as delivering life-long education, you’ll grow authentic and lasting relationships.


Use our book and app to:

  • Educate about the necessities of the life, like buying insurance, paying taxes, and even choosing a fork.
  • Tell your “customers” about the other ways you provide education (on-line lectures, educational travel programs, etc.)

Reinforce your higher purpose of education and build lifelong relationships.

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