App Top Ten Lists

Everyone loves a good top ten list (especially USA Today), so I hope you enjoy a few top ten lists of our app customers.

Out of our 50+ customer apps, below are the winners…

Most App Visits

Note: Not all large organizations made this list.

#1. Michigan State (Alumni Association)
#2. University of South Florida (Alumni Association)
#3. Delta Zeta
#4. Alpha Chi Omega
#5. Saint Joseph’s University (Alumni Association)
#6. Calvin College (Alumni Association)
#7. Otterbein University (Alumni Association)
#8. Pi Beta Phi Foundation
#9. Kelley School (Indiana University)
#10. Stony Brook University (Alumni Association)

Most App Engagement

Note: This list shows the number of visits per download,  so the size of an organization doesn’t matter.

#1. Calvin College (Alumni Association)
#2. Otterbein University (Alumni Association)
#3. Marian University (Alumni Association)
#4. Milton Hershey School
#5. CSU Channel Islands (Alumni & Friends Association)
#6. Michigan State (Alumni Association)
#7. Claremont McKenna (Alumni and Parent Relations)
#8. Ferris State (Alumni Association)
#9. Northern Colorado (Alumni Association)
#10. University of South Florida (Alumni Association)

Most Life 101 Topics Read

Note: Some folks love the life 101 content even more than the news feed. 

#1. Delta Zeta
#2. Michigan State (Alumni Association)
#3. Alpha Chi Omega
#4. Pi Beta Phi Foundation
#5. Calvin College (Alumni Association)
#6. Stony Brook University (Alumni Association)
#7. Magner Career Center (Brooklyn College)
#8. University of South Florida (Alumni Association)
#9. Saint Joseph’s University (Alumni Association)
#10. Otterbein University (Alumni Association)

The real winners of these lists are the marketing wizards who promote their apps so well. Kudos to you!

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Book Annual Special

Now is the perfect time of year to order our book popular book, life after school. explained., due to our Annual Special.

Once a year, we send lots of orders to our printer all at the same time. Due to the large order size, we receive a printing discount which we pass onto our customers (Annual Special).

So place your order by January 25th for delivery around April 3rd and save.

We hope your seniors or new hires love the book!

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App Update 3.0

The team at Cap & Compass is excited to announce an update to our popular Crib Sheet app.

For starters, we’ve added three new life 101 topics:

  • Interviewing
  • Mortality
  • Watching Football

On the iPhone and iPad, we’ve updated a number of elements to give the app a more snazzy iOS 7 look:

For customers with a mobile website, we’ve also added an optional fourth tab (see the “MSU Web” tab).

To promote reading more life 101 topics, our app now offers easier topic navigation (previous/next buttons):

You’ll also find a variety of other subtle, valuable improvements.

We think graduates will love this app update. Enjoy!

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New product: eBook

Since 2001, we’ve sold over 750,000 copies of our popular book, life after school. explained. Today we’re excited to offer it as an eBook.

What is it? In short, our eBook is a digital version of our book. It’s easy to set up and can go “live” in minutes.

To help promote your eBook, we include fun invitations to share with graduates:

You can even promote your eBook from the custom cover of your physical book by purchasing both products:

To learn more, download “Life After School. Explained.” from the App Store or Google Play and select any customer. Or just visit our website.

We think graduates will love it and hope you do, too.

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Book Update

We’re excited to announce the biggest update of our book since we first wrote our book.

We’ve added three great new topics: Watching Football, Mortality, and Interviewing.

You’ll also notice a complete redesign of the pages. Compare our new pages (top) to old pages (bottom):

We think your readers will love the ‘minimal’ approach and focus on detail:

Request your free sample to see our book update. We think you and your readers will love it.

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New Life 101 Topics

One of the favorite parts of my job is creating new life 101 content for our book and app.

Our topics reach tens of thousands of readers annually, so we’re thoughtful when we add something new. Is the topic worth adding? Is it helpful?

After starting with an initial list of fifteen potential topics, we narrowed the list down to three. And the winners are…

Watching Football (sneak peek) – How can you enjoy watching “the big game” with friends when football doesn’t interest you?

Mortality (sneak peek) – What happens when a loved one passes away? And do I really want to be an “executor”?

Interviewing (sneak peek) – How do you get the big job after landing the big interview?

Look for these updates in our book and app soon. We think you and graduates will love them!

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Beautiful app icons

We’re excited as more and more schools and organizations join our “app family”.

Much like our book covers, we love to see the creativity of our customers in the design of their app icons. Below are just a few recent examples.

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App Update 2.5

We’re excited to announce a update to our mobile app, Crib Sheet.

For starters, our app now takes advantage of the big screen of iPhone 5. You’ll see more news and more life 101 content in one glance.

Once you try it, you’ll immediately notice the difference.

In your news menu, we’ve added “# selected” next to each category name to better show which feeds you’re reading.

You’ll also find a few more minor improvements. Details matter.

The update is live for most of our customers today. We hope you love it!

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What’s on the minds of your alumni?

With our new crystal ball (kind of), we give you a window in the minds of your alumni to discover what they’re really thinking. Then take action with this data!


In your dashboard, we supply detailed statistics across four new categories. Learn what is read and shared most in your app by your collective alumni.

Life 101 Topics
Learn – Over the last 30 days, is homeowners insurance getting read?
Do – Send a timely mailing describing your insurance partnerships.

Learn – Is news about your baseball team popular recently?
Do – Start a free ticket promotion in exchange for address updates.

Learn – Surprised in the interest for renovations to the student union?
Do – Consider a capital campaign linked to these renovations.

Features (example)
Learn – Are videos your most popular features?
Do – Add more videos to your website and email blasts.


Our new stats provide unique, real-time insight into the minds of your alumni. Then use this treasure trove of data to cater your program to their needs.

We hope you love it!

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Product Design: What We Believe

We believe that design (broadly defined) is the key to any good product, so we felt that we should share our design beliefs with you.


Attention to detail
We obsess over fonts, shades of color, and the pixels in an icon. Details matter and get remembered by customers.

We remove stuff to create value. We explain health insurance in about 500 words.

Minimize friction
We minimize taps and headaches. If you don’t notice friction in our products, then we’re doing our jobs.

We don’t do everything. By focusing on just news, life 101 topics, and deals in our app, we have the time and attention to do these things well.

Mobile is unique
For our app, we design specifically for tiny, touchable screens used by real people with short attention spans.

No whiz-bang
We don’t add features which sound cool but get used just once.

We make products to be loved and shared. Our life 101 topics have soul.

Respect users
We ask ourselves, “Would we like this?” when building something. Our approach to advertising is respectful.


We have a responsibility to our customers and users to produce great products. If you believe what we believe, then you’ll love our book and app.

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