The Smart and Lean Approach

We focus on providing fantastic products at a price that’s affordable for everyone. We do this by running smart and lean without cutting corners.

The development of our app’s promotional video is a good example of this philosophy.

I wanted a fun explanatory video like the simple cartoonish ones popularized by companies like Skype:

After reviewing some of the “big fish” in this niche market, like Common Craft, I felt their services were too expensive (over $15,000 for a 90 second video).

Through a few freelance sites, I interviewed and reviewed the work of a number of talented artists who create explanatory videos (I’ve learned a niche exists for everything).

I found my guy and we got the video done for $2,000 in a little over a week. I’m really proud of the result:

I try to keep the “smart and lean” approach when producing our books, developing our app, and even in our home life. I always ask my daughter to make handmade cards. They cost a lot less to produce than store-bought, and come with highly customized art for my wife.

The best kind of card (Elle, Age 6)

As an organization looking to build loyalty on a limited budget, don’t always go with the first or easy choice. Spend the extra time to find low-cost, creative solutions to reach your alumni and members. Or just buy from us.

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