Reduce the cost of your app with helpful ads

In our app, we give you the option to include relevant, useful ads to help you reduce the cost of your app.

To do this, we start with a crazy idea: ads should improve the app experience of your users. If your alumnae reads about “auto insurance,” she might appreciate learning about an auto insurance discount available to her.

So we designed Crib Sheet from the ground up for “good ads” (nothing obnoxious):

– Each ad is related to a life 101 topic (e.g. auto insurance)
– Maximum of one ad per topic
– Only your partner ads (affinity partners or ads you’ve sold)
– Ads visually match the app design (nothing annoying)

Search for “MSU Crib Sheet” in any app store to see ad examples in an app.

Automatic Discount (Sponsors)

To help you easily reduce the cost of your app through ads, we’ve partnered with some of the country’s top affinity partners as app “sponsors” (e.g. Liberty Mutual).

To receive an automatic discount off your app subscription, promote your affinity partner (sponsor) by:

– including their ad(s) in your app
– incorporating their logo in some of your app promotional materials

Sell Ad Space (do a little legwork)

If you’re in contact with any other advertisers (besides our sponsors), you can sell your own ad space in the app:

– Keep 100% of the revenue (you choose the ad rates)
– Ads need to be related to a topic
– We provide you an (optional) “ad-sales sheet” to provide to your advertisers
– If you sell ad packages (print, web, etc.), add the app to your “ad portfolio”

Promote Internal Partners

As an added bonus, promote products and services from your own organization as “deals” in your app:

Controlled by You

You can add, edit, and delete your deals right from your dashboard:

And you can even send automated emails to your advertisers showing statistics and more.


Alumni appreciate these limited and relevant ads in their app because they provide real value when reading about a given topic.

Take advantage of the financial benefits of ads with little effort (a sponsor discount) and/or a little hustle (sell ad space). You never know, you could even get paid to provide this valuable app to your alumni.

Please contact us with any questions!

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