Communication Choices

Subscribing to our mobile app, “crib sheet”, or any mobile app, is really about choosing between alternatives — how else can, or do, you communicate with your alumni or members?

Traditional Mailings

The annual cost of our app is usually less than than the printing and postage costs of one traditional mailing.

Costs aside, our app has a much longer life. It gives you a daily relationship with your alumni.

Unlike a mailing, the content of our app refreshes continuously thanks to aggregated social media feeds that keep providing alumni with fresh news.

Plus, our app includes a wealth of relevant life skills content so you can both inform and provide value through a lasting reference tool.

If your school is “going green”, the app is a paper-free way to reach your alumni over and over again.

Your Alumni Magazine

Your alumni magazine can be a wonderful and rich source of on-going information about your institution, but it only reaches your alumni a few times each year.

In the age of mobile information, magazines can no longer compete with apps and social media to deliver timely news.

Our app is always with them – informing them of breaking news and allowing them to communicate back to you with key updates.

Recent research suggests that alumni magazines are far less popular with younger alumni compared with older alumni.

We believe the future of alumni communications is in mobile devices.

Social Media

A robust presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is a great low-cost way to reach out to your alumni.

However, your posts compete with countless others:

– Tim’s new job!
– Janey’s pictures of her Costa Rican vacation!
– Coupons to Sweet Tomatoes!
– Grandma made an omelet for breakfast!

It’s easy to roll off someone’s news feed within hours, or even minutes.

The only news in our app is your news. Our app keeps your posts front and center, with no competing messages.


You know you have choices when communicating with your alumni and members.

We feel that our app is a smart choice as it’s inexpensive, dynamic, timely, and valuable to users.

To learn more about what “crib sheet” can do for your institution, please join one of our upcoming free 30-minute webinars or contact us at

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