Agreement Wymowa Po Angielsku

In French, consonant letters are often not uttered at the end of words. The words we speak here in French have a German T. In English, the extension -and in these words is a diphthong [e]. Today, I would like to draw attention to the French-language loans that cause the problem because they have retained certain French characteristics instead of adapting to the accepted practice of English. By using normal English pronunciation rules, we are not able to pronounce words like bidet or bag correctly. Ballet [ebele] – ballet cap [ bere] — basitamébidet [b???ke?] – Buffet [?b?fe?] – Buffet; Kabarett [`k`bere]] – Cabaret cottage [`le] – alpine crochet cottage [`kr`e] ] — parquet flooring [?p??ke?] — bag (single serving pack) sorbet [?s??be?] — ice cream sorbet. Are you perfecting the pronunciation? Discover the secrets of connected language.