Rutgers Faculty Agreement

3. Each appointed faculty member is informed in writing of the criteria for future renewal or promotion assessments, and these criteria form the basis for future evaluations. If the applicable criteria change, the university will inform the faculty member in writing of the new applicable criteria. Each department, school or unit examines the role of the NTT faculty within its own governance structures and makes the role of the NTT faculty in governance broad enough. d. When the faculty member submits a signed recommendation information form, he or she presents a copy of the documents or documents he or she would like to consider to the head of the department. A brief personal statement identifying the candidate`s key contributions may be included. A list of documents submitted to the chair/head of unit is attached to the phD package (Annex H of the Academic Notice of Recognition/Doctoral). It is the responsibility of the Unit President and Director to follow this list as well as all documents or materials provided by the candidate, as well as all other relevant documents, subject to the following 1.e.

points, to the appropriate review bodies. B. The granting of unpaid leave to faculty members is subject to the needs of the academic program and requires the approval of the head of department and the dean. Such an authorization must not be improperly upheld and, upon request, the faculty member is required to provide written reasons for the retention of the authorization within ten business days of the date of the application. 17 Individual securities listed in this section must not contain all NTT securities used by divisions and units. (See Appendix A of the parties` collective agreement). 1. The University recognizes AAUP-AFT as the sole and exclusive representative of negotiations of all Members of the Faculty of Rutgers University, teaching assistants and diploma assistants as defined below.

Groups of collaborators may be added or deleted by mutual agreement between the parties. 3. The faculty member may challenge the dean`s decision to the appropriate clerk. Each year, at least 15 working days prior to distribution, the university will issue a copy of all material contained in the reconnation/doctoral instructions to the AAUP-AFT. All candidates are informed by the president/head of unit of the URL which allows access to the current instructions for academic recognition/promotion. On request, a department head provides a faculty member with a copy of the current instructions for the reconnation/promotion of the academic faculty. It is difficult to estimate the cost of salary increases because there are currently no faculty members currently involved, said David Hughes, vice-president of the union, which represents nearly 5,000 full-time faculty members and students. The fight against wage inequality at university, although discussed for years, has never been dealt with in a treaty or imposed by a binding agreement, Givan said. “We worked hard to break the pay model for lump sum increases, but we didn`t succeed,” Politano said. She added that the union`s intention was to ensure pay increases specifically for PTLs. “Am I disappointed? Yes, yes. But overall, I think we have a strong agreement that offers opportunities for promotion, with real benefits for everyone.

C. A second year of leave without pay does not automatically extend the mandate. If the second year leave is requested, a faculty member may apply for an extension of his appointment for a period equal to the amount of leave. If the university grants leave, it responds at the same time to the faculty member`s request to extend the appointment. An extension of the learning period for the learning year cannot be requested or granted.