Building Loyalty Along Their Way

Last night I was reading my kids “The Little Red Hen.”

If you don’t remember the story, it’s the one about the hen who asks some friends for help as she turns wheat into bread. Her ne’er-do-well friends don’t lift a finger to help, but line up to eat the bread as soon as she’s made it.

It got me thinking about loyalty, and how to cultivate it.

Picture the Red Hen as one of your industrious alumni. She’s working her way from a new graduate to a mature professional. Along the way, she may ask your institution for help – career advice, networking help, etc.

Now is the time to think about how you can stay engaged with her, so you don’t find yourself lined up asking for dough without having helped her along the way.

When you ask your alumni for something – be it their time, money or attention – they’ll be more willing to respond if you’ve provided them value after they’ve left school.

In our case, that thing of value (and beauty and usability) is our app. It not only keeps your Red Hens updated on networking events and alumni benefits, but it gives them a wealth of timely life skills content as they navigate everything from their first business dinner to retirement planning.

Tonight I’ll be reading “The Monster at the End of this Book.”  My next blog post might be an even more random analogy…

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