New App Promotion Posts

An app customer recently requested additional posts to help them promote their app. I hope everyone enjoys these ideas.

It’s Image Improvement Month. Time for a cherry red convertible? Read about Buying vs. Leasing a Car in our app:

Valentine’s got you seeing red? Time to redecorate. Brush up on all you need to know about Paint in our app:

Whoa! It’s National Collision Awareness Month. Learn about Care Care and Disability Insurance in our app:

Not contributing much to National Smile Month? Learn about the research behind Happiness in our alumni app:

Not sure how to celebrate Older American’s Month? Read up on Retirement Accounts in our alumni app:

Job hunting? Get helpful tips on interviewing in our alumni app:

Celebrate your independence this July 4th with tips on apartment hunting and home buying in our free alumni app:

Football season make you feel inadequate? Up your game with tips on Watching Football in our alumni app:

It’s Subliminal Marketing Month? We’ll skip the subliminal stuff if you’ll read up on Alumni Giving in our app:

Raise your awareness this Disability Employment Awareness Month. Brush up on Disability Etiquette in our app:

First Thanksgiving with the in-laws? First business dinner? Get tips on Dinner Etiquette in our alumni app:

All this talk of a man coming down the chimney got you sweating? Read up on Renter’s Insurance in our app: