A Happy Update To Our Crib Sheet App


One of our newest topic photos

The happiness of our customers is what drives our happiness, which makes us very pleased to announce a great new update to our Crib Sheet app.

Thanks to the great feedback from our buyers and users, we’ve made a bunch of improvements which make the app easier to use and understand.

What’s the most important highlight of this update? Five new smart and helpful topics that range from the keys to happiness to the keys of a rental car.

(1) Happiness: Yep, read this topic and you’ll be happy forever.

(2) Disability Insurance: Prepare yourself for that “staple injury” that prevents you from earning a paycheck.

(3) Wills & Trusts: We know you’ll never die, but just in case… we’ve got your crib sheet for planning for the stuff and people you’ll leave behind.

(4) Long-term Care Insurance: Until the Fountain of Youth is sold in aisle 6, this topic is a must read.

(5) Rental Cars: We help you navigate all those extra fees, insurance choices and more.

We hope you love the new content. And stay tuned, because we have more exciting updates to come soon.

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Customer Love

At Cap & Compass, we aim to create great products and treat our customers as we’d like to be treated. We generally keep our heads down and let our customers handle the boasts.

But as a subscriber to many services myself, I often like to read what others have to say on a vendor’s website before I purchase. So here you go…


“We are very pleased with the book, and I think it will be the best gift we’ve ever given our graduating class.”

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. The books arrived and are a great success. Feedback has been wonderful.”

“Our book was a great hit! Could not have given a better ‘send-off’ graduation gift. Your entire operation – service, attention to detail, end product – were all outstanding.”

“We got our gorgeous books today! Everyone in our department ‘oohed and ahhed’ over them, I assure you!”

“WE LOVE THEM! THANKS so much for everything. You were so easy to work with – excellent in following up. You’ll be hearing from us in the future, no doubt!”


“Our alumni love the app! We’ve had several comments via social media channels indicating they find the tips useful and fun, and they appreciate the service.”

“Our program, dean, vice president, president, and marketing members love the app and what it has done for our students and alumni.”

“The dashboard for our app is an easy-to-use feature and the one-on-one contact with Cap & Compass has been extremely beneficial.”

“I’m so glad we decided to purchase your app.”

“I’m very pleased with the app. It’s extremely convenient using the dashboard to create polls, quizzes and feedback forms…”


“I do have to say, I’ve been very impressed with your company and the service we’ve received. Everything is always as it should be – or better.”

“I must tell you that I think you and your company are phenomenal! Your customer service and the speed at which you provide it are outstanding.”

“Your customer service has been wonderful and we have nothing but good things to say about the way business went with you.”

“Your company is truly exceptional! I appreciate great customer service and will definitely let others know how dependable you are.”

“I just wanted to take this time to thank you for your courtesy, professionalism, kindness and especially your patience. Your customer service is excellent.”

I hope you enjoyed them. Now back to the coal mines

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